“By filming the construction of a well, ruined by a storm, Habitat develops a cosmic combination of wide and medium shots that engrave humanity into a land that is hostile yet essential to its survival.” (Visions du Reel)

Festival Screenings

DOK KINO, Finland 2019
Tampere Short Film Festival, Finland 2016
DocsDF Mexico 2016
Belgrade IFF 2016
Antarctic Short, Documentary and Animation Film Festival 2016
Okseo Film Festival, Germany 2015
Visions du Reel, Switzerland 2015
Beijing International Student FF 2015
Kino z Dusza, Warsaw 2015
Festival du cinéma européen en Essonne, France 2015
Guang Zhou Doc IFF, China 2015
Era New Horizons FF, Poland 2014 (Winner)

Running time: 17'36" Cast: Zaid, Barq, Brahim, Hera, Fatima, Aisha Cinematography: Arjun Talwar Sound Design: Bogdan Klat Sound Effects: Henryk Zastrozny Artistic Supervision: Jacek Blawut Produced by PWSFTviT (Lodz Film School) Written and directed by Oliver Kruger and Arjun Talwar Year of Production: 2014