WROCLAW FROM DAWN TO DUSK (Wrocław: od świtu do zmierchu)

This film is a collaborative effort by several filmmakers under the supervision of professors from the Lodz film school.

Wrocław is a city of many faces. Formerly the German city of Breslau, Wrocław became the postwar home for those repatriated from Lviv, and it is currently the European Capital of Culture. We see the city from different points of view. At times, we see the perspective of foreigners (including citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, Israel, and Palestine), while at other times, we hear what locals have to say. We spend a special day there, the anniversary of Poland's independence. The slogan for the event is A City of Meetings which sets the tone for this event. Some people meet at the zoo; others on the banks of the Oder River, fishing or cheering on their children during regattas; while still others meet at the legendary bar Miś.

The "word" in its different forms is what guides us around the city: the street singing of lovers and others taking part in the Independence March, a neon glow, the gestures of the deaf, the cries of monkeys, and, above all, in the form of the voice of Wrocław radio, which makes witty comments on the reality frequently shown in what is frequently a funhouse mirror.

Supervisors: Jacek Bławut, Paweł Łoziński, Maciej J. Drygas